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GERMANSMART home devices provide a comprehensive environment that adapts to the needs of the entire family.

GERMANSMART knows what is the most important. The access to your home and your data are protected at the highest level – through the WAF and Anti-DDoS systems, encrypted communication using the TLS protocol and passwords using bcrypt.

The GERMANSMART system is simple to install and use. Plug & play devices are ready for use immediately after unpacking and a short configuration.

GERMANSMART is compatible with most voice control technologies. Simply tell the system what to do, and your wish is granted.

Check the status of your devices and control your home from anywhere in the world. An internet connection is all you need to keep an eye on your home.

GERMANSMART also takes care of your personal safety and warns when fire, flood and burglary occurs. It also helps older people and those with limited mobility in their everyday lives and ensures the safety of children.

Most popular packs:

Close the shutters from the couch

Closing the shutters is very easy, but nobody likes to get up from the couch when they are watching their favorite movie. Program the KeyFob to close the shutters in the living room or the whole house at once. Click and enjoy the movie in a pleasant semi-darkness.

Motion Sensor


Roller Shutter


Subtle night lighting

Waking up at night to see if our little one is sleeping or going to the kitchen for a drink of water is a daily routine. Walking around the house at night you have an unpleasant feeling when you are blinded by the light. Configure the lighting during the evening and night hours to 30% of the intensity in parts of the house where you need it, for example in the children’s room.

Motion Sensor




Keep an eye on your child

Small children need a lot of sleep under perfect conditions. You can be sure that your child will sleep soundly, even if he or she moves, by checking the camera view in your mobile app. Check the air quality in your child’s bedroom to make sure it’s clear and healthy, and turn on the air purifier and humidifier when needed.

Motion Sensor


Kompatible Kamera


Air quality sensor


Heat on request

It may happen that your rooms need to be heated more than the schedule you have chosen. You return with children from a successful run through puddles or a snowball fight and know that they need to be warmed up immediately. Or perhaps, do you have a guest visiting in 15 minutes and know that he or she prefers higher temperatures? With the app, you can immediately turn up the temperature in the room you have chosen. When you arrive home or the guest knocks on the door, the house is already heated properly.

Mobile App


The Heat Controller


100% secured

If we leave the security of your home in the hands of a security company, we have doubts whether the patrol will arrive fast enough to prevent the break-in. It is worth equipping your house to signal the intruders and effectively deter the burglars themselves before the security patrol arrives. If the alarm system detects an unwanted movement or window opening, your house will be visible and audible from a distance thanks to the lighting and the audible alarm. In this situation the burglars immediately stop all attempts to enter your house and your possessions are safe.

Door/Window Sensor


Motion Sensor


RGBW Controller


Audible Alarm


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Das Geschäftsfeld GERMANSMART befasst sich mit intelligenter Gebäudeautomation und beliefert Sie mit SMARTHOME-Systemen und deren Planung und Einbau aber auch mit Einzelteilen.

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