Perfect climate

in your home

Come back from work or holidays to an appropriately heated house filled with fresh, properly humid air. Use time schedules and adjust the heating to your family’s needs at any time of the day and in any season.

Manage ventilation and heating remotely and be prepared for any situation.

Save without effort

  • Effective ventilation management at any time of the year.
  • Remote/automatic control of the day/night/holiday mode.
  • Temperature control only in rooms in use.

Secure your home

  • Heating antifreeze when nobody is at home.
  • Monitoring leaks from the heating system.
  • Monitoring the formation of carbon monoxide and suspended solids.

Enjoy the comfort

  • Control the quality and temperature of the air on the basis of the daily schedule of the household members.
  • Remote control of air quality and temperature at home.
  • Monitoring and automatic regulation of air quality and temperature.

Discover the possibilities

Best at home

When you come back from work, think of a homely atmosphere and you can’t wait to get home and find refuge from the sun – in summer, rain – in spring and autumn and cold – in winter. FIBARO home prepares for your return and adjusts the temperature, humidity and air quality to your family’s preferences. Welcome home!





Air conditioning


Comfort without loss

We are accustomed to adjusting the pleasant room temperature to the weather conditions. During the heat we use air conditioning and in winter – heating. In both cases the air conditioning or heating is automatically switched off to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

Door/Window Sensor




 The Heat Controller


Always correct air humidity

Wir verbringen die meiste Zeit in beheizten und klimatisierten Räumen und riskieren so die Austrocknung unserer Haut und unseres Körpers. Der mit einem Feuchtigkeitssensor ausgestattete Luftbefeuchter schaltet sich automatisch ein, um die Luftqualität im Kinderzimmer oder in Ihrem Schlafzimmer zu verbessern und Ihre Gesundheit und Ihren Komfort zu fördern.

Humidity sensor


Wall Plug


Clean air in your home

We spend most of our time in heated and air-conditioned rooms, which risks dry skin and dehydration of the body. The humidifier configured with a humidity sensor switches on automatically to improve the air quality in your child’s room or bedroom for your health and comfort.

CO Sensor


Air quality sensor




Heat on request

It may happen that your rooms need to be heated more than the schedule you have chosen. You return with children from a successful run through puddles or a snowball fight and know that they need to be warmed up immediately. Or perhaps, do you have a guest visiting in 15 minutes and know that he or she prefers higher temperatures? With the app, you can immediately turn up the temperature in the room you have chosen. When you arrive home or the guest knocks on the door, the house is already heated properly.

Mobile App


The Heat Controller


Heat where you need it

Household members have their favourite places where they prefer to spend time in the afternoon and on weekends. For this reason, it is usually not necessary to maintain the same high temperatures in each room. Use schedules, heat only those rooms that you need to use energy in a sustainable way, while reducing heating costs.

Temperature sensor


The Heat Controller


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